Frequently Asked Questions

Is my PEACHii case drop proof? [UPDATED]

Almost. But any product made from a natural material such as bamboo can be damaged when dropped. Your PEACHii case offers your iDevice a layer of strong protection in the event of a drop. But the case itself may sustain some damage. If minor, the damage can usually be fixed with a little super glue.

We feel our case is similar to a bicycle helmet for your iDevice. It will protect you from minor incidents, but if involved in a major wreck the helmet will need to be replaced. On the positive side your head (iDevice) will still be usable.

Unlike helmet companies, PEACHii will give you 50% OFF a new case, should you drop or damage yours for any reason. Simply contact us here for more info. We feel our customers are like family. You can pay full price once, but after that you get the FAMILY DISCOUNT!

Let's face it, if you are in the market for a bamboo case for your iDevice it is not for the protection the bamboo provides. It is for the look and feel of a natural material covering one of the most advanced mobile devices available.


inDestructiBoo is now standard on all our cases. Utilizing techniques developed in F1 Racing, each case has a carbon fiber, fiberglass, and cross-grain bamboo fiber Monocell frame laminated into each end during a multistage preconstruction process. This practically indestructible crash box allows our bamboo cases to be the only all natural case to meet Apple's MFi program 1 meter drop protection requirement.

How do I install/replace the Command Strip?

Remove the 3M Command Strip's protective covering labeled Wall Side and place into the iBooBox as shown with the pull tab hanging out of the Apple logo hole as shown below. Press and hold the Command Strip for 30 seconds for proper adhesion. Remove remaining protective covering and insert your CLEAN iDevice, pressing the case and device firmly together for 30 seconds.

Install/Replace Command Strip

To hide the Command Strip's pull to release tab, simply tuck it into the pocket cut into the iBooBox as shown below. Use a tooth pick to fish the tab out when you need to remove the case.

Tuck Command Strip in to hide it.

Will the magnet in the case effect my device's screen, memory, or OIS camera?

Advances in digital technology have made modern electronics quite resistant to magnetic fields. The magnets in our cases will not cause damage to your iDevice, and are specifically located to minimize interactions with internal components in the iDevice. Our cases cause no effect to the iPhone 6 Plus OIS camera system. However the digital compass inside of the device may be slightly effected by the strong magnetic fields which may cause improper compass readings. As soon as the case is removed no effects to the compass remain. GPS and other radios are unaffected. Additionally the compass calibration since iOS 7 has advanced and is nearly unaffected at all by our magnets.

Will my dock/charger cable work?

Some do and some don't. Our cases Standard size port openings are designed to accept the Apple size accessories, this allows for a stronger case. We offer a slightly larger port size if you add the XL Ports option to your Cart. Many docks have a removable piece to allow for other iDevices to fit. If this is the case with your dock, we recommend removing the piece all together to allow the most room around the dock as possible. We also invite users to sand their case to there liking to allow for fit into their specific dock and refinish with satin finish Helmsman Spar Urethane.

Will my ginormous headphone jack work?

Probably not, our cases Standard size ports are designed to accept Apple accessories, this allows for a stronger case. We offer a slightly larger port size if you add the XL Ports option to your Cart. Extensions are available cheap online and if you really want to you can simply modify the case with sand paper and reapply urethane to the area.

What finish does PEACHii use?

Our cases are coated with a spar urethane similar to what is used by many furniture manufacturers. This provides protection from liquids and UV rays. Allowing your case to withstand day to day use in an outdoor environment. This coating can be easily wiped clean with mild soap and a damp rag. Minor nicks and scratches can be removed with sand paper and the area refinished with urethane.

Can I get my PEACHii iPad or iPhone case engraved with laser or endmill?

Custom Engraving is available. Use the Contact page to inquire about custom orders.

Which iPhones will fit?

Our case designs support all iPhone 6 & 6 Plus, 5/5s, 5c and 4/4s models on all carriers. Previous model iPhones are not supported. iPod 5th Gen. case is also available.

Can I use a screen protector?

Yes, our cases are designed to allow for the use of a screen protector. In fact we recomend using some sort of screen protection as or case is designed with minimal screen protection. However, rear or side protection films must be removed before using a PEACHii case.